Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society
Immense Grace 2016 – 2017

Guru Jagat’s Signature Six Month Women’s Training Exploring Sex, Money, Career, Love, Body Image, Relationship, Prosperity, and Aging Gracefully from the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan


Two 4 Day, 3 Night Deep Immersion Retreats


Continued Practices, Group Support, and Deep Engagement in Transformation


One Full Weekend Residency RA MA Venice


Monthly Group Calls

One on One

Monthly Office Hours with Guru Jagat


Three Two Day Intensives at  RA MA Venice

I signed up for the Maiden Voyage of Immense Grace 2015-2016 as a Virtual Grace participant. With masks and labels firmly in place from a lifetime of playing the roles I was supposed to play…”good girl”, “dutiful daughter”, “perfect girlfriend”, “worker bee”, “loyal friend”… I set out to finally discover my true self. You see, I had buried my true self, my Sat Nam, under all these labels and I did it without even consciously knowing. My Sat Nam knew it though and it SCREAMED for me to take this course.

The Immense Grace Training has helped me to shine the light of awareness on all the dark corners of my life — where I give away my power, how often I dull my radiance to make others more comfortable, and how I bought into the lie that I’m just never going to be enough.

Guru Jagat and her IG Ninjas (working tirelessly and stealthily in the background) as well as fellow Immense Grace participants help to empower you so you may help yourself…rely on yourself…trust yourself, so you may start hearing your own soul’s call. As for me, I now stand in a place of empowerment radiating a graceful strength that feels new and fresh, yet very familiar.

This training was too powerful to stop here, so I’m an Immense Gracer for life…meaning I’m ready to grow, to lead, to serve as a warrior in this Aquarian Age. SAT NAM!

Linda Liv Avtar Thoman

Immense Grace was an absolutely transformative and awakening experience for me. It was also my introduction to kundalini yoga, Guru Jagat, and the RAMA team. Although experienced in other forms of yoga and meditation, I had no prior kundalini yoga classes or knowledge before our first retreat but I felt a strong resonance and now I understand why.

I would not say that I was in a stuck place when I began the course but I certainly was not shining my brightest light which I realize in hindsight was impacted by the concern of what others think, my confidence with my body, and a healing heart that despite work in other programs was still fragile and protected.

Kundalini is by far the most powerful form of brain repatterning/reprogramming, physically grounding, total body reset I have ever experienced compared to all that I have studied including EFT, NLP, hypnosis, martial arts, and various forms of meditation. I could go on and on with the all modalities I have used in efforts to heal myself.

I recently reviewed a list of intentions that we were asked to compile during the first retreat in the Sequoias. Since the completion of Immense Grace, I have manifested almost every single wish including “getting my body and my light back”. I have lost 30lbs, reignited my inner fire, and revived my radiance which glows brighter than it ever has because it shines from a deeper place of truth. From self-love, from self-care, grace, grace, and gratitude. My intuition and confidence have strengthened. I am liberated from the concern of what others think of me and give freely because I am fed. My heart has been repaired. I am open and ready for love now but without any stress about it. I can’t express how good it feels to be myself and to be with myself. My transformation has been profound and recognized by everyone.

I highly recommend this training to every woman, regardless of your story. Reclaim your voice and awaken your divinity. I hope to see you there! Adi Shakti!

Erika “Jupiter” Kalkan